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Die folgende Liste enthält alle auf dieser Seite zum Download bereitstehenden Dateien. Um sich die neuesten Änderungen (changelog) anzusehen, klicken Sie bitte auf das Buchsymbol rechts bei der jeweiligen Software.

Nähere Informationen zu den Programmen und Tutorials gibt es auf den jeweiligen Programmseiten für COND, DELPHIN und THERAKLES.

Wählen Sie Ihr(e) Betriebssystem(e) für die gewünschten Software-Produkte


COND - Windows 32-Bit/64-Bit 2.4.3 Cond_2.4.3_win_2023-08-24.exe12 MB Deutsch English Italian Open the changelog file for /downloads/cond/Cond.changelog
COND - MacOS 64-Bit 2.4.3 Cond_2.4.3_macosx_2023-08-25.dmg15.8 MB Deutsch English Italian Open the changelog file for /downloads/cond/Cond.changelog
COND - Linux 64-Bit 2.4.3 Cond_2.4.3_linux_2023-08-24.7z19.2 MB Deutsch English Italian Open the changelog file for /downloads/cond/Cond.changelog
COND - MacOS 64-Bit 2.4.1 Cond_2.4.1_macosx_2021-02-02.dmg16.4 MB Deutsch English Italian Open the changelog file for /downloads/cond/Cond.changelog
COND - MacOS 64-Bit (OSX 10.7 or newer) 2.1.3 Cond_2.1.3_osx10.7.5_macosx_int.dmg11.4 MB Deutsch English Italian Open the changelog file for /downloads/cond/Cond.changelog


DELPHIN 6 - Windows 64-Bit 6.1.6 Delphin_6.1.6_win64_2023-09-08.exe24.6 MB Deutsch English French Italian Open the changelog file for /downloads/delphin/Delphin_6.changelog

Release notes for Delphin_6.1.6_win64_2023-09-08.exe » Schließen

Um eine ältere Programmversion zu aktualisieren, installieren Sie die Software
mittels des Installers einfach über die alte Version. Ihre Einstellungen und
Projekte bleiben erhalten. Sie sollten jedoch alle von Ihnen geänderten
Materialien/Klimadaten oder Beispiele vorher sichern, vor allem, wenn diese im
Installationsverzeichnis verändert wurden.

To replace/update an older program version, simply install the software anew with
this installer on top of the old version. Your changes and projects remain unchanged.
In any case, please store your own materials/climate data and examples, especially, when
you have changed them within the installation directory.

6.1.6 - 2023-07-14
- #949 - create a textfile with tables for volumes/areas of assigned materials (GeometryInfo.txt in results)
- #900 - decrease liquid conductivity for surface in case of driving rain (only detailed model)
- input and output report works now also for 1D constructions in y direction (e.g. roofs)
- assessment for moisture accumulation changed - one can disable single layers for total moisture calculation
- output of moisture content in each layer in report
- assessment for mould at inner surface added (assessment settings and output report)
* check according DIN 4108-2
* check according isopleth model from WTA 6.3
* check according VTT model from WTA 6.3
- export of X3D file from file menu in case of 3D projects added
- export construction sketch changed:
* 1D construction uses same view as in reports with automatic dimensional lines and material names
* 2D constructions with new view with configurable dimensional chains

Bug - fixes
- #947 - fix error in boundary condition dialog - set absorption to 0 in case close with ENTER
- #946 - fix in new projct assistant - wrong material order in case of row based constructions
- #934 - fix in material editor - copy values from clipboard into table doesn't work
- #945 - same as #934
- #764 - fix problem selecting climate condition in field condition
- #913 - fix in material editor - changing spin box value to 0 disables edit field
- #912 - fix in material editor - spin box should be disabled in case of read only material
- #936 - problem in field condition energy source - if selecting Power as climate it will not be saved correctly
- #944 - fix in new project assistant - material definitions without name can be created in case of empty selections in layer definition
- #950 - fix in new project assistant - assessment settings only available for 1D constructions and skip flag fixed
- check for valid z-steps in construction view added (avoid crash)

6.1.5 - 2022-11-23
- #920 - link to tutorial website in help menu added
- #940 - output for evaluating frost damage risk according DIN 4108-3 added
- #938 - calculate material depending properties (e.g. lambda(thetal)) in material editor implemented (material calculator)
- #942 - c6b location files with one year time data can also be used cyclic (independent of time steps)
- class for assessment settings implemented
* start with default outputs for moisture accumulation and frost risk
* internal outputs and grids will be created in solver in case of a proper project (hygrothermal)
* assessment settings dialog added to main menu
- report for automatic evaluation of assessments added
- set of z-layer in case of 3D projects implemented - construction view shows the corresponding xy-plane

Bug - fixes
- #943 - error in materialeditor - sometimes a change in properties is not detected as change of functions - fixed
- #941 - bug in schedule for boundary and field conditions fixed (end detection was wrong)
- for input report - show error message in case of missing climate data instead of nothing

6.1.4 - 2022-08-26
- input for additional project information
- input data report for 1D projects (only x-direction)

List of changes in DELPHIN 6 User Interface and FMI interface:

6.1.3 - 2022-05-24

List of changes in DELPHIN 6 User Interface and FMI interface:

- #690 - new source type rain penetration
- #932 - Klimadaten von Interfaces können bei Klimadatenauswahl gewählt werden (auch für konstante und berechnete Daten)
- #931 - energy source can use power as climate
- #846 - initial moisture content in kg/kg possible
- #930 - Projektassistent 1D kann Schichten mit Dicke und Material erzeugen
- #929 - Projektassitent kann Materialien aus der Datenbank auswählen
- #928 - Projektassistent kann Zeit eingeben
- #916 - Projektassitent kann Berechnungsmodus angeben
- #915 - Projektassistent kan auch ohne Klimadaten arbeiten
- #927 - Angabe des Zeitintervalls für Schreiben von restart Dateien möglich
- #902 - Checkboxen in einfacher Feuchtequelle besser dokumentiert
- #917 - Schaltfläche für Initialisierung neu designed (besser sichtbar)
- #926 - bei FMU Export werden multi-platform FMUs erzeugt

Bug - fixes

- #933 - fix seldom crash because of wrong mean value calculation at end of the year for rain climate data
- #839 - font size problem in quantity table fixed
- #925 - temperaturabhängige Wärmeleitfähigkeit wird auch bei rein thermischer Berechnung verwendet
- #914 - Projektassitent vergisst eingegebene Schichtenanzahl bei zurück nicht mehr

6.1.2 - 2021-09-10

List of changes in DELPHIN 6 User Interface and FMI interface:

- #910 Implemented: Materialeditor: fehlende Basisparameter ergänzen
- #908 Implemented: Materialeditor Skalierung prüfen
- #907 Implemented: Anzeige der Materialkennwerte ermöglichen
- #906 Implemented: Materialdatenbankdialog: Anzeige der Kommentare für gewähltes Material
- #905 Implemented: Materialdatenbankdialog: Suche nach ähnlichen Materialien über einige Basiskennwerte
- #904 Fixed: Materialdatenbank: Flags korrigieren
- #903 Implemented: Dialog für aktuelle Lizenz einfügen
- #898 Fixed: Fix broken fmi2GetString() for resultRootDir Parameter

6.1.1 - 2021-03-11

List of changes in DELPHIN 6 User Interface:
- #867 Fixed: Error message in case of error while importing old D5 project
- #890 Fixed: missing exchange coefficients in WTA indoor climate in case of use of new project assistant
- #872 Implemented: help files for activation dialog and some further improvements added
- #786 Implemented: Show contact conditions in construction view
- #773 Implemented: thicknes of lines for showing interfaces in construction view increased
- #784 Implemented: Save and restore of view properties (column size, flags) in material database view
- #891 Implemented: possible save of all entries in project files - can be set in preferences
- #853 Implemented: split layer into two and allow specifying dimensions of new layer in construction view
- Implemented: F8 shortcut for 'go to project directory' added
- Fixed: some changes for fixing GUI freeze if color editor in material reference dialog is started
- Implemented: boundary condition pipe model can now use other pipes as supply temperature

Changes related to Material Editor:
- #866 Fixed: Material edit dialog - data table allows now also negative values
- #870 Fixed: Material edit dialog - Update thermal storage selection corrected
- #871 Fixed: Material edit dialog - check for material with u(T) function but without heat capacity
- #873 Fixed: Material edit dialog - wrong scaling of Kv function in case of changing µ-value corrected
- Implemented: Material edit dialog - additional checks for validity of material splines in order to avoid exceptions


- #850 Fixed: WTA indoor climate works now also for multi year data and date with own time scale
- #895 Fixed: outputs with min and max settings in space or time don't create an error while restart anymore
- #875 Fixed: output mean air flow velocity is working now
- #775 Fixed: time integral outputs values don't start with 0 after restart
- #892 Fixed: error if using unit mm/mK (mechanical properties)
- #841 Implemented: Check for sufficient climate data for used boundary conditions (longwave radiation and rain)
- #869 save thermal storage in material file uses wrong section header
- Fixed: empty user dir in IBK/Delphin bug
- compile fixes for FMI interface for Windows
- Fixed: Material edit dialog: use of correct values in case of create new Kv, Kl or Dl function
- Implemented: Auto-updating feature redesigned on Windows (for mixed user privileges)

6.1.0 - 2020-07-31

This is a major DELPHIN 6 release and as such requires NEW ACTIVATION data. Hence,
we recommend that you install the software first aside the old version in a different
installation directory. For users with active license contracts, simply install the
software, and request a new activation. We will send you the activation info, shortly.

Major feature additions:

* Material Editor - material files can now be edited in the built-in editor. Parameters for
the different model/functions types and be entered, previewed and the
material file can be checked for compliance with the solver requirements.

* Climate Data Preview and Import - Importing (third party) climate data is now fairly easy.
Also, the location view shows a preview of imported climate. In addition
to natively supported formats c6b, wac and epw, the climate editing
tool CCMEditor is available for data conversion/import from various
sources (see

* Construction Editing Improvements - quite a few small changes make editing constructions
easier (see details below)

* New Models - several new models are implemented (see details below)

* Simulation Coupling - DELPHIN now supports the FMI coupling standard, which extends the
use cases/application areas for DELPHIN to actively controled/conditioned
components, including heat collectors (fully coupled to building HVAC systems)
and active components (controlled capillary heatings/pipes). The FMI-export
interface is very generic and allows for very creative co-simulation use.
We recommend use of the free MASTERSIM tool for co-simulation (see

* POSTPROC Features and Bindings - Interaction with POSTPROC has been improved, in addition to
the many new features of POSTPROC itself (see recent POSTPROC releases)

* Improved Command Line Tools - The command line tools CmdDiscretize and DSixOutputConverter have
been reviewed, fixed and most importantly documented (the tools are in the DELPHIN 6
install/binary directory). They are very useful for scripted use of DELPHIN, see:


* Remote Solver Server Integration - The DELPHIN user interface now has much better support for
the remote solver server access. Now user-specific jobs are shown with more robust
control over job runs. This feature is mainly useful for larger simulations running
on dedicated workstations/servers. RSS and documentation are downloadable on

List of changes in DELPHIN 6 User Interface:

- #538 Implemented: Using placeholder for user databases as default
- #539 Implemented: handling for project templates added
- #550 Implemented: Show climate station data summary when selecting c6b file
- #604 Implemented: new climate selection from database by using tree view
- #664 Implemented: Add climate locations
- #779 Implemented: FMU export dialog added
- #820 Implemented: add rule to delete sensor output assignments if element containing sensor output is removed
- #835 Implemented: Sensor controled heating source
- #843 Implemented: add import dialog for custom date scale data (CCMEditor)
- #854 Implemented: new "Add column/row dialog" with more options added
- #859 Implemented: handling CCMEditor as external tool added
- Implemented: mirror construction implemented
- #739 Fixed: initial settings for language selection in material DB fixed
- #758 Fixed: splash screen update
- #769 Fixed: Unable to use d6o files for climate data
- #770 Fixed: string 'Dimensions' in status bar changed to 'width/height'
- #774 Fixed: scalar outputs uses now mean instead of single as default
- #778 Fixed: link at greeting dialog has wrong language
- #782 Fixed: check for duplicated names while creating interface
- #791 Fixed: Link to training site wrong
- #799 Fixed: Unwanted discretisation change
- #801 Fixed: Delete assignment if element is deleted
- #802 Fixed: bug about duplicate files preventing project package to be created fixed
- #803 Fixed: while staring PostProc 2 looking for existing session file instead of create a new one
- #806 Fixed: Help menu shows invalid number of remaining days on license
- #808 Fixed: tab order in pipe model
- #809 Fixed: Climate condition combo widget only accepts english numbers
- #824 Fixed: show steps in climate preview if necessary
- #838 Fixed: TFQMR solver removed
- #844 Fixed: Add group box with edit functions related to date/time scale (CCMEditor)
- #847 Implemented: Improved climate data preview
- #852 Fixed: minimum rain temperature not set for driving rain in case of engineering outdoor interface
- Fixed: name of 'MediaFlow' model changed to 'GroundWaterFlow'
- Fixed: problems with ThousandSeparator in line edits fixed
- Fixed: transfer time zone from new project wizard fixed
- Fixed: costum location bug fixed
- Fixed: new project wizard reworked
- Fixed: font scaling for high resolution screens by adding qt.conf added

Changes related to Material Editor:

- material edit dialog added (a major task, well worth many tickets :-)
- #858 Implemented: show basic parameter in material reference dialog added
- #860 Fixed: improve/simplify material import
- #862 Implemented: material view for DB slection dialog moved from external window into the dialog
- #863 Implemented: Add 'copy' material file button

Changes/Improvements in DELPHIN 6 Solver:

- #765 Fixed: Calculations with ice forming and moisture tight materials doesn't work
- #766 Fixed: Wrong calculation in pipe model for half and qurter pipes
- #776 Fixed: Wrong output time grid for default outputs
- #789 Implemented: PCM model for pure thermal calculation added by using u(T) function in material file
- #828 Fixed: fix date/time output of console solver when StartTime!=0
- #829 Fixed: Umlaute problem while starting PostProc 2 for Windows fixed
- #834 Fixed: Output grid not correctly aligned if StartTime!=0 (PostProc)
- #842 Fixed: Crash when sorption isotherm is invalid
- VOC source data model added

FMI Functionality:

- #785 Fixed: FMU Export fails with different output file name
- #804 Fixed: FMU Export variables should get units
- #805 Fixed: FMU Export Win64 dll needs to be deployed and copied into FMU
- #810 Implemented: FMI Export should have displayed units associated with variables
- #814 Implemented: FMU Export dialog should ask for confirmation when overwriting existing FMU
- #815 Fixed: FMU Export should only be enabled in menu when project is loaded
- #818 Implemented: FMU Climate condition needs input for default value
- #819 Fixed: FMU Export substitute '_-_' by '-'
- #821 Fixed: FMU Export create thumbnail of modelled construction and export to FMU
- #822 Fixed: FMU output variables are not written in default output unit

PostProc-related fixes:
- #772 Fixed: Postproc crashes with color map plots
- #816 Fixed: Postproc 2.1 is not recognized in settings dialog

6.0.20 - 2019-02-12

A minor bugfix release:

- #759 Fixed: Postprozessor-Crash beim Export
- #760 Fixed: Bad interface inclination check does not allow 180 deg as orientation
- #757 Improved update procedere on MAC
- #761 Fixed: Delphin GUI Solver - messages with < or > in text are not printed correctly
- #743 Fixed: Rohrmodell Bezeichnung
- #762 Fixed: Calculation problem with pipe collector model
- #688 Added: Selection of PostProcBundle should be possible in pref dialog
- #691 Fixed: Crash in climate data preview (when data file is broken)
- #650 Komfortable Darstellung der Outputs-Liste (häufig benutzte Größen werden hervorgehoben)
- #657 Fixed: Donwload von Server-Ergebnissen funktioniert nicht (7z Konfiguration)
- #237 Improve project info editor

6.0.19 - 2019-02-01

A feature and bugfix release, with focus on usability. Also, some rather
nasty small errors (discretization function, crashes in rare situations) where fixed,
as detailed in the following list:

- #755 Adapted WTA convection model to WTA 6.2 standard (kCL value input)
- #551 Performance test suite created for evaluation of hardware performance
with respect to DELPHIN simulations
- #752 Fixed: Formatting in project info editor is broken
- #732 Added filter option in material datbase (capability filter)
- #686 Added export of material table to clipboard for use in Excel/LibreOffice
- #582 Parameter for minimal and maximal moisture content for liquid water source
- #694 Automatically set "extrapolate" flag in CC with non-cyclic data when cc data
ends at simulation end
- #724 Fixed: Allow resizing of material database window on Windows and MacOSX
- #723 Fixed: Allow resizing of changelog window and other dialogs on Windows and MacOSX
- #751 Link zum Forum ins Hilfe-Menü integriert
- #681 Added config option to set path to 7zip executable
- #671 D5 Projektimport - mehr Ausgabenformate werden unterstützt
- #730 Fixed: Falsche Einheiten in Dialogen korrigiert
- #740 Fixed: Restart-Datei-Schreiben und StepCompleted-Aufrufe werden nun wieder rigeros
gemacht, um Probleme mit nicht-sequentielle Ausgaben und fehlerhafter Rück-
interpolation zu beheben
- #742 Added command line option to disable restart file writing (performance tweak for optimization runs)
- #748 Fixed: Programmoberfläche, grafischer und Konsolensolver haben nun alle die gleiche
- #731 Fixed: Rechtschreibfehler/Fehler in der Übersetzung
- #747 Fixed: UTF8-kodierte Pfade werden im grafischen Solver nun richtig angezeigt
- #729 Fixed: Einheiten in MaterialDB-Fenster korrigiert
- #669 Fixed: Grafischer Solver crash nun nicht mehr beim Drücken von ESC während der Simulation
- #647 Tooltips for keywords are showns in various dialogs
- #746 Model for pipe collector heat transfer coefficient improved
- #745 Fixed: Integral flux outputs now start correctly with 0
- #725 Fixed: Discretization algorithm now works correctly again
- #734 Fixed: Fehlerbehandlung beim Import von D5-Projekten verbessert (kein Abbruch bei () im Dateinamen mehr)
- #721 .desktop files (launch icons) are now auto-generated in Linux and higher resolution icons are deployed

6.0.18 - 2018-09-20
This release of DELPHIN has two very important changes:

* the local data base directory has moved, on Windows from AppData/Local
to AppData/Roaming and on Linux/Mac to ~/.local/share/Delphin6
If you had own database stored here, you need to copy them manually over to
AppData/Roaming. This is not done automatically, to avoid data loss when
using old/new DELPHIN versions at the same time.
* thermal-only calculations made with initial moisture now consider the
effect of the moisture on thermal conductivity and on thermal
storage capacity; the latter being important for soil/ground calculations

Many other small improvements are made, mostly to the auxiliary models and
the user interface:

- #662 Fixed: Summary file is written also after restarting the simulation
- #696 Fixed: Reading continuous WAC data is buggy
- #699 Fixed: Mediaflow model is broken for non-water materials
- #710 Fixed: Existing climate data file may be deleted when trying to import the same file
- #715 Fixed: Consider effect of moisture content on thermal storage capacity in thermal-only calculations
- #599 Add toggle button for assignment windows
- #612 Air change rate parameter is now entered in 1/h not in 1/s
- #672 Fast simulations with many outputs are much slower on Windows than on Linux
- #680 Improve line thickness handling in construction view
- #712 Error message on invalid unit missing in BC (imposed flux)
- #716 Fixed: Coordinate assignments outside the construction are always mapped to first element of coordinate
- #634 Fixed: Initialization of some water-tight materials fails when Kirchhoff potential is disabled
- #652 Fixed: Climate data dialog does not show preview of climate data when reopened
- #653 Fixed: ClimateCondition flags are not all stored correctly
- #673 Fixed: LiquidContent output should show only volume fraction of liquid water
- #674 Fixed: PipeCollector model problem: mdot=0 results in NAN
- #675 Fixed: Thermal conductivity too large when calculating with ice
- #687 Fixed: Neighboring Interface assignments to same material get merged during autodisc
- #698 Fixed: Some solver-related command line arguments are not recognized correctly
- #717 Fixed: VOC Mapping (DB Editor) does not work when not clicking in first column
- #350 Add shift-click support to construction view
- #529 Fixed: D5-Import: various features not correctly imported
- #587 Added support for Meteonorm-Variant of WAC file format
- #601 Remove preview charts from interface dialog
- #615 Set maximum font size (depending on DPI of screen).
- #619 Add examples for ice and VOC model
- #625 Fixed: condition-dialog appears below the task bar (windows)
- #627 Fixed: material file does not work (enhance error message)
- #628 Resize Interface dialog to minimum size of first show
- #629 Create bundle-installer
- #630 Translations for computed quantities
- #633 Fixed: Material property view does not show language-neutral strings
- #636 Fixed: Export of construction sketch misses coordinate-outputs
- #637 Add pdf to sketch export options
- #639 Fixed: Update climate view does not work
- #640 Add flag to enable/disable stability limit detection in CVODE
- #641 Implement pipe collector BC model
- #643 Fixed: Fresh install of DELPHIN without selected language breaks language-specific strings in material list
- #644 Sync installer language with initial language in Delphin
- #648 Implement pipe collector model with option to specify qdot
- #651 Support use of d6o files as climate condition data files
- #655 Fixed: Restart file should be written exactly at end time point of simulation
- #656 Add command line argument to show restart file info
- #658 Fixed: Material name not shown in initialization error messages
- #659 Fixed: Export construction sketch with wrong size
- #660 Add italien language option
- #667 Fixed: D5 project package import fails
- #668 Fixed: Speichern von Projekt Packages geht nicht
- #678 Bring existing PostProc window to front, when user clicks on PostProc icon
- #689 Add send material list to clipboard button
- #692 Fixed: Field condition requests temperature
- #693 Improve documentation when creating schedules
- #695 Add DegreeOfSaturation as output quantity
- #703 New project wizard should switch to construction view after completion
- #709 Improve WTA Indoor Climate Charts
- #719 Fixed: Deleting columns rows left/below of coordinate assignment should move these assignments accordingly
- #720 Italien translation
- #684 Material-database can be shown without a project
- #718 Project description can be directly edited from project properties view

6.0.17 - 2018-04-08
Major feature addition is the VOC/pollutant calculation capability. Also,
it is now possible to switch between rotation symmetric 2D/3D geometries
and regular geometries. The preferences dialog now has a new
page that allows controlling appearance, including font settings. This
is useful for high-DPI displays and notebooks with small resolutions.

New Features and Bug Fixes (see TRAC system for tickets):
- #619 Added examples for VOC/pollutant model and ice model
- #314 Information dialogs can now be permanently disabled
("Do not show again" feature)
- #622 Added check that Kirchhoff-potential mode is not applicable
when salt or ice model is enabled (Kl-dependency of ice/salt content)
- #621 When saving project under new name, the command line in simulation
start widget is now updated accordingly
- #620 Fixed showing of screenlog file when project file name contains a '.'
- #618 VOC diffusion boundary flux now accepts a mass transfer coefficient
- #567 When opening an example project, user can select a target directory
where project files are copied into - this allows storing examples in
read-only locations, as for example application bundles on Mac or Program Files
directory on Windows
- #602 Fixed problem when pressing Enter in the interface dialog while editing
parameters always set 0 at input values
- #616 Calender input for simulation start replaced by regular input - fixes
problem with leap days and daylight savings
- #588 Fixed misleading warning about missing balance equations for certain
output quantities
- #596 Construction view now shows rotation axis for rotation symmetric
geometries and allows switching between rotation symmetric and regular
- #613 Simulation log file is now shown automatically after running test-init
with a console solver on MacOS/Linux
- #614 Fixed rounding error in discretization dialog
- #600 Fixed size problem in discretization dialog when using font scale > 125%
- #617 Added appearance settings in preferences dialog
- #609 Implemented pollutant transport model
- #611 Ice crystallization now affects liquid conductivity function
- #610 Fixed simulation init problem when selecting an interior flux output
without specifying matching boundary conditions
- #609 Clicking on definitions will always highlight corresponding ranges in
construction view
- #594 Fixed wrong label position of WTA indoor model error label
- #598 Fixed invalid warning when creating a new CC directly from the boundary
condition dialog
- #595 Fixed crash in DELPHIN 5 import wizard when dpj file contains
output file assignments with .out in definition name
- #584 New source models have now also identification colors in list view
- #586 Fixed crash when entering source in field condition dialog
- #585 Deployment problem (missing dependent libraries) fixed on Mac OS X
- #579 Default initial relative humidity changed to 80 %, according to DIN 4108-3 (2018)
- #580 Fixed D5 import of climate conditions of type AirChange
- #581 Fixed Boundary condition edit dialog - change of slope
parameter was not possible
- #577 csv-format climate data files in are now shown in preview in
ClimateCondition edit dialog

6.0.16 - 2018-01-31
New Features and Bug Fixes (see TRAC system for tickets):
- #568 Fixed: Output - time averaging does not work
- #569 Fixed: binary outputs (d6b) are not recognized by Postproc
- #572 Added: Enabled use of air change source for
thermal/moisture-only calculations
- #564 Fixed: Climate data preview is not updated directly
when sinus/double sinus ...
- #502 Fixed: Fix F2 and F9 shortcuts on Windows/Linux
- #499 Clarify: Shall surface properties like emissivity or solar
adsorption coefficient be defined for the interface in detailed
interface models
- #575 Added: Add support for WAC climate data files
- #574 Fixed: Albedo parameter is not stored in project file
- #566 Added: Add hc and hr inputs, also checkbox for Lewis
relation in engineering outdoor model interface
- #565 Added: Support ascii climate data file representation
(see WAC file format support)

6.0.15 - 2018-01-22
New Features and Bug Fixes (see TRAC system for tickets):
- #426 Fixed: Standortdaten aus Wetterdatensatz oder manuell eingebbar implementieren
- #427 Added: Reload project file - button in log window
- #432 Fixed: Materialviewdialog has buttons that do nothing/Tooltip added
- #436 Added: Show Flags in material properties dialog
- #560 Fixed: Charts in material view widget have dummy title and legend - remove
- #454 Added: Implement pore clogging in salt module
- #463 Fixed: Auto-updater does not delete update-installer once completed
- #513 Fixed: Project Cleanup causes climate conditions to be duplicated
- #537 Fixed: Building location: weather station location or custom location
- #561 Added: Implement conversion of WTA engineering model to detailed model
- #562 Improve climate data preview diagram
- #563 Added: Show preview of calculated indoor conditions (WTA/EN15026 model)
- #369 Fixed: Wizard brings error when no weather station is selected
- #557 Added: Innenklima nach DIN 13788 mit Tagesmittelwerten berechnen und berechnetes Klima im
/var Unterverzeichnis ausgeben
- #555 Fixed: Solar radiation effect too large compared to D5 (critical fix)
- #553 Added: D5 Import: Contact conditions Foil
- #552 Added: D5 Import: LWRAD output
- #554 Fixed: Occasional solver abort when simulating with foils

6.0.14 - 2018-01-15
New Features and Bug Fixes (see TRAC system for tickets):
- #548/#549 Rain runoff cooling effect considered
- Diffuse radiation is now considered (when measured), even if sun is below horizon
- #542 Fixed: Materialdata with lgDl()-function not supported - Crash in Programmoberfläche bei
Auswahl eines solchen Materials
- #533 Benennung verbessern bei langwelliger Strahlungsrandbedingung
- #534 D5 import: VOID Assignment not recognized
- #544 Fixed: C6B file is not exported with project package
- New Feature: #535 time average / time integral outputs
- #545 Feature for RemoteSolverServer: Submitting project to RemoteSolverServer fails when project
has been exported already (confirmation for deleting old export directory added)
- New Feature: Global short wave radiation added as output type
- Many fixes related to D5 project import
- #546 D5 Import: Speichern der neuen d6p-Datei in anderem Verzeichnis ermöglichen
- #540 Fixed: Climate station location properties not correctly respected in all calculations
- Klimadaten für TRY 2011 aktualisiert

6.0.13 - 2017-12-22
New Features and Bug Fixes (see TRAC system for tickets):
- #520 D5-Import: non-converted assignments are deleted when definitions have not been
- #507 TRY 2011 Klimadatensätze aktualisiert
- #325 Verbesserung der automatische Auswahl eines geeigneten LES-Solvers in
Abhängigkeit vom Simulationsproblem
- #506 Simulationsabbruch bei Verwendung von Materialien mit lgDl()-Funktion behoben,
zusätzliche Prüfung auf Kirchhoff-Potential-Option hinzugefügt
- #526 D5-Import: deselect "binary outputs" by default (D5 PostProc compatibility)
- #521 D5-Import: für konstante/sinusförmige CC keine Ersetzung mit Klimadaten anbieten
- #524 D5-Import: add option to select save path when importing D5 projects
- #525 Remove "reload project" button from simulation log widget
- #511 Fixed computation of wind driven rain according to DIN 15927-3
(with factors: CR = 1.007, CT = 1.0, O = 0.8, W = 0.4)
- #516 Unit conversion error in wind driven rain flux
- #519 Cleaning up project duplicates CC and crashes sometimes
- #518 Longwave BC computes too large emission when ground reflectance is disabled
- #509 Time shift not honored in climate condition
- #517 Fix crash when simulating with ice
- #515 Changing start date leads to invalid project file
- #514 Fix StartDate accuracy
- #505 Language selection is broken on Mac (uses french language instead of german)

6.0.12 - 2017-12-04
New Features and Bug Fixes (see TRAC system for tickets):
- #309 D5 Import Wizard - much more complete import of D5 projects
- #501 Export of project packages fails
- #493 Convective moisture source implementation matches WTA 6-2
- #500 Parameter checks for definitions added (helps identify
missing model parameters)
- #495 Improve descriptions in "convenctive source" edit dialog
- #487 Add parameter for specifying unfrozen water content as
function of moisture content
- #497 Import of D5 project correctly handles character encoding
for older D5 versions
- #492 Fix MaterialView widget position (Windows,low resolution))
- #491 Improve postproc selection options in preferences
(auto-detect installed PostProc and PostProc 2)
- #489 Fix positions of color bars for BC indication in interface definitions
- #490 Change color of BC indicator bars for rain to green
- #486 Use thermal conductivity of ice for ice volume fraction
- #334 Add more charts in material view
- #425 Show remaining days on license in help menu
- #482 Fix for D5 project import: externally referenced materials are not found
- #483 Too large window size in MaterialProperty widget
- #469 Crash/Solver abort when calculating with rain provided via CCD files
with negative rain flux values
- #480 Input of latitude and longitude mixed up in UI
- #479 Too high rain flux calculated compared to value in C6B file (unit
conversion bug)
- #473 Add "reload project" button to log window when showing errors during
loading of project
- #477 Add input for heat transfer and vapor diffusion exchange coefficients in
engineering interfaces
- #468 Add info about albedo parameter (as part of location properties) in
interface dialog
- #472 Add more output types (moisture mass by mass, ice content, ...)
- #430 Fix Autoupdate functionality
- #465 Review longwave radiation dialog and parametrization (ground reflectance))
- #470 Add link to TRAC ticket system into main menu "Report bug"
- #476 Add F9 as shortcut for running simulations
- #464 Files with "umlaute" in file path cannot be opened via double-click in
explorer (Windows)
- #467 Added checks in all BCFlux modules in prepareCalculations()

6.0.11 - 2017-11-02
New Features and Bug Fixes:
- Salt model now works with pore clogging
- Many improvements in DSixOutputConverter, also related to TecPlot conversion options

Tickets resolved (see TRAC system):
- #453 Number format not correct in IC dialog
- #460 Editing of project files with start date set is broken
- #462 RainBCDialog misses RELHUM input field
- #456 Longwave radiation BC dialog crashes when accepted
- #461 Wind driven rain enthalpy flux broken
- #455 DSixOutputConverter: --time option does not work when timeunit != "s"
- #454 Implement pore clogging in salt module
- #444 Added --scale option to DSixOutputConverter
- #447 Crash when closing DELPHIN while material list is still being read

6.0.10 - 2017-09-27
Features and Bug Fixes:
- Fixed test-init functionality
- Added examples/validation cases

Tickets resolved (see TRAC system):
- #446 Translation interface indoor/outdoor types
- #445 Interface edit dialog - orientation/inclination combo boxes
- #442 Importing a material from MaterialReference edit dialog which is already imported deletes file
- #433 Update MatDB and support for deprecated/use-instead flag
- #431 setup dialog not finished when starting delphin from dialog
- #440 Material Import can delete local files
- #387 Ask to reload file whenever it has changed externally
- #424 Outputs of quantities not currently simulated shall only give a warning, not an error
- #421 Fix parallel implementation of salt implementation
- #423 Fix bad error message about invalid VALUE_UNIT when continuing simulation
- #422 Prevent accidental overwriting of simulation results when clicking on run button
- #386 Restore selection after assignment click
- #378 Parallel implementation of longwave radiation is buggy
- #382 Icon scaling in Win7
- #419 Adjust initial window layout
- #418 Switching views turns Initial Conditions window off
- #368 Clean project also removes climate path reference if unused
- #417 Set default max. grid size to 5 cm
- #405 Add preferences option to configure path to 7z archiver
- #400 Cannot open material reference dialog when bad placeholder is in reference
- #380 ausgabeDatei - zeitliche behandlung: "Mischung aus deutschen und englischen Beschreibungen"
- #413 Solver abort when invalid side is assigned
- #412 Tecplot converter crashes on slicing operation
- #406 Fix downloading of result archives from RSS
- #411 Cannot continue simulation downloaded from RSS
- #388 english german output mix
- #324 RSS Progressoutput
- #403 Export of currently selected material function
- #404 More material functions
- #374 Material category not shown in Material Property View
- #390 Allow name language selection in Material Database Table
- #401 Add ASCII format precision option
- #336 Remove caption in capability column of material view
- #333 Import material dialog - reset focus to table and add checkbox to hide material view
- #371 Add checkbox that prevents opening of material dialogue from material import view
- #381 Shift-click im Konstruktionsgitter geht nicht
- #399 Add support for output precision
- #310 "Replace material" feature

6.0.9 - 2017-07-31
- material database table improved (name filter extended, new columns, property window can be shown/hidden)
- material properties can be shown from material reference dialog
- d6pp project packages can now be opened from the command line (double-click in explorer)
- now using better saturation vapor pressure function

Bug fixes:
- checkboxes for climate condition settings work now in climate condition edit dialog
- remote solver server refresh button works (again)
- installer fixed (missing DLLs)
- tool button height fixed (Windows)
- media flow model fixed for rotation symmetric geometries

6.0.8 - 2017-06-26
- French translation available
- D5 PostProcessing is shipped with DELPHIN 6
- media flow source model added

Bug fixes:
- many many many (see TRAC ticket system)

6.0.7 - 2017-03-09
- first version with auto-updater
- includes option to specify number of parallel threads on simulation start
- simple post-processing communication added (requires PostProc 2 to be installed)

- parallelization added

- air flow model updated

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DELPHIN 6 - MacOS 64-Bit 6.1.6 Delphin_6.1.6_macosx_2023-08-25.dmg46.2 MB Deutsch English French Italian Open the changelog file for /downloads/delphin/Delphin_6.changelog
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POSTPROC 2 - Windows 64-Bit 2.4.0 PostProc_2.4.0_win64_2023-11-26.exe10.1 MB Deutsch English Open the changelog file for /downloads/postproc/PostProc.changelog
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THERAKLES - MacOS 64-Bit 3.4.2 Therakles_3.4.2_macosx_2023-08-25.dmg23.9 MB Deutsch English Open the changelog file for /downloads/therakles/Therakles.changelog
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THERAKLES PROFESSIONAL - Windows 64-Bit 3.4.2 TheraklesPro_3.4.2_win64_2023-08-28.exe12.6 MB Deutsch English Open the changelog file for /downloads/therakles/TheraklesPro.changelog
THERAKLES PROFESSIONAL - MacOS 64-Bit 3.4.2 TheraklesPro_3.4.2_macosx_2023-08-25.dmg24.5 MB Deutsch English Open the changelog file for /downloads/therakles/TheraklesPro.changelog
THERAKLES PROFESSIONAL - Linux 64-Bit 3.4.2 TheraklesPro_3.4.2_linux_2023-08-28.7z5.2 MB Deutsch English Open the changelog file for /downloads/therakles/TheraklesPro.changelog
THERAKLES PROFESSIONAL - MacOS 64-Bit 3.4.1 TheraklesPro_3.4.1_macosx_2022-04-20.dmg24.5 MB Deutsch English Open the changelog file for /downloads/therakles/TheraklesPro.changelog


MASTERSIM - Windows 64-Bit (link to GitHub) MasterSim_0.9.x_win64_2022-01-15.html0 MB Deutsch English 
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MASTERSIM - Linux 64-Bit (link to GitHub) MasterSim_0.9.x_linux_2022-01-15.html0 MB Deutsch English 


NANDRAD Solver und Beispiele - Windows 64-Bit 1.6.4 Nandrad_1.6.4_win64_2019-05-14.7z1.5 MB English 


Remote Solver Server - Linux 64-Bit 1.3.1 RemoteSolverServer_1.3.1_linux_2020-04-17.7z0.5 MB English 
RSS-Client (Remote Solver Server - Client) - Windows 32-Bit 1.3.1 RemoteSolverClient_1.3.1_win_2020-04-16.exe5.7 MB Deutsch English Open the changelog file for /downloads/RSS/RemoteSolverClient.changelog
RSS-Client (Remote Solver Server - Client) - MacOS 64-Bit 1.3.1 RemoteSolverClient_1.3.1_macosx_2020-04-16.dmg11.8 MB Deutsch English Open the changelog file for /downloads/RSS/RemoteSolverClient.changelog
RSS-Client (Remote Solver Server - Client) - Linux 64-Bit 1.3.1 RemoteSolverClient_1.3.1_linux_2020-04-17.7z0.5 MB Deutsch English Open the changelog file for /downloads/RSS/RemoteSolverClient.changelog
Dokumentation for Remote Solver Server (RSS) Setup and Client. Nicolai_RemoteSolverServer.pdf0.4 MB English 


CCMEDITOR - Windows 64-Bit 1.0.3 CCMEditor_1.0.3_win64_2023_10_24.exe8 MB Deutsch English Open the changelog file for /downloads/utilities/CCMEditor.changelog
CCMEDITOR - Linux 64-Bit 1.0.2 CCMEditor_1.0.2_linux_2022-09-15.7z0.9 MB Deutsch English Open the changelog file for /downloads/utilities/CCMEditor.changelog
CCMEDITOR - MacOS 64-Bit 1.0.1 CCMEditor_1.0.1_macosx_2021-07-13.dmg1.7 MB Deutsch English Open the changelog file for /downloads/utilities/CCMEditor.changelog

Verfügbare Sprachen

DELPHIN 6 liegt in deutscher, englischer, französischer und italienischer Sprache vor. DELPHIN 5 ist nur in englisch erhältlich.
Für die Programme COND, THERAKLES und den Postprocessor gibt es eine deutsche und eine englische Version.

Für alle Programme, mit Ausnahme von DELPHIN 5, sind zukünftig weitere Sprachen zu erwarten.

Unterstützte Betriebssysteme

Die Windows-Versionen sind getestet auf Windows 7, 8, 8.1 und 10. Für die meisten Programme gibt es jeweils 32-Bit und 64-Bit Versionen, wobei wir die 64-Bit Version auf 64-Bit Betriebssystemen empfehlen.
Für den Fall, dass Windows XP Versionen benötigt werden, senden Sie uns bitte eine Support-Anfrage. Offiziell wird Windows XP jedoch nicht mehr unterstützt.

Mac Versionen laufen, sofern nicht anders angegeben, unter Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) oder neueren Versionen. Um unsere Software auf dem Mac unter neueren Versionen auszuführen, muss man entweder die Sicherheitseinstellungen anpassen, sodass Software auch aus anderen Quellen als dem Apple-Store ausgeführt werden kann. Alternativ kann man auch auf die Anwendungsdatei im Finder Rechts-klicken und Öffnen auswählen. Im daraufhin angezeigten Dialog kann man nun das Öffnen der Software bestätigen, sodass in Zukunft nicht mehr nachgefragt wird.

Linux Versionen werden ohne die in den üblichen Distributionspaketen vorhandenen Laufzeitbibliotheken verteilt. Daher müssen die passenden Bibliothekspakete, vornehmlich die Qt 5 Bibliothek, installiert sein. Die Linux-Versionen wurden unter Ubuntu 18.04 (LTS) erstellt und sollten daher auf vergleichbar alten Distributionen und neueren Linux-Ausgaben lauffähig sein (es werden die Qt 5.9 Bibliotheken erwartet).

Die 7-Zip Archive lassen sich durch folgende Befehlszeile entpacken:

p7zip -d <archive>


Kommerzielle Softwareversionen müssen nach der Installation aktiviert werden. Nähere Informationen zu verfügbaren Lizenzvarianten und Lizenzbedingungen entnehmen Sie bitte den entsprechenden Software-Bestell-Seiten. Bitte senden Sie eine E-Mail an, falls Sie ein formelles Angebot erhalten möchten.

Alte Softwareversionen

Auf Nachfrage können Sie auch ältere Softwareversionen erhalten, die im Download nicht mehr zur Verfügung stehen. Eventuell können wir auch bei Bedarf Versionen für ältere MacOS Versionen erstellen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns in diesem Fall über die im Impressum angegebene E-Mail-Adresse.


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