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THERAKLES License Information

THERAKLES is available as free and commercial professional version. The free version is not restricted with respect to use in commercial projects. However, the pro-version features a printable and customizable report with all input data and relevant simulation results. This accelerates the process of evaluating and proofing code-compliance, significantly.

For use of the commercial pro-version a license needs to be purchased. The license fee also gives access to support and software upgrades. Generally, support is included for all commercial licenses for one year, beginning with the date of activation.

If you are interested in the pro-version, please send a mail to:

info [at]

NOTE: To avoid spam the E-mail address has been modified. Please replace [at] with @.


THERAKLES and THERAKLES Professional can be downloaded from the download page. The professional version must be activated after installation.

License types for THERAKLES Professional

Description Fee (+ VAT)
Commercial License
This license for commercial use of the software (expertises, industry projects, etc.) is personalised for one user. We use a yearly fee and a start fee for the first year. If THERAKLES is used by several persons, or installed and used on several computers concurrently, the appropriate number of licenses need to be purchased. Please ask for a quantity discount.

100,- € per year, 100,- € start fee
This price list is valid beginning with 11/01/2018.


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