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Software for Research and Practitioners

The Institute for Building Climatology at Dresden University of Technology (Faculty of Architecture) investigates the theoretical basis of combined heat, moisture, air, and salt transport in building materials, and also investigates other areas of building science. An important goal of our research work is the dissemination of new knowledge to other research institutes and practitioners. Therefore, we continuously integrate new findings in our user-friendly software and calculation tools.

Our software programs shall help other research institutes in their work, assist students in learning fundamentals of building physics, and support the work of civil engineers, architects, and others working in this field. The longterm experience in the area of combined heat, moisture, and salt transport processes also benefits expertises and research reports, whereby we use our own software and continuously improve and optimize the software tools.



12/2022 - DELPHIN 6.1.5 released

Version 6.1.5 contains a first printable report for the assessment of 1D constructions according to DIN 4108-3 D.7.2 and D.7.5. This is based on automatically generated outputs. This allows a faster evaluation of wall constructions without separate use of postprocessing.

  • Selection of evaluation criteria with automatic output generation
  • .
  • Calculation of values of moisture-dependent material properties in the material editor
  • .
  • Site climate files with data for more than one year as well as time steps other than one hour can now be used cyclically
  • .
  • Change of visible z-plane in geometry view for 3D projects
  • .

8/26/2022 - DELPHIN 6.1.4 released

There is a new version of DELPHIN 6.1. Version 6.1.4 brings a printable report for the input data of 1D constructions. This simplifies the documentation of projects.

  • Additional project information
  • .
  • Report of input data for 1D constructions
  • .

05/25/2022 - DELPHIN 6.1.3 released

There is a new version of DELPHIN 6.1. Version 6.1.3 mainly brings changes in the project creation wizard, the handling of indoor climate data and a new humidity source.

  • Update of the material database
  • .
  • New moisture source for driving rain penetration according to DIN 4108-3
  • .
  • Many new features in the project creation wizard
  • .
  • Interior climate data from surfaces can now be used directly in other boundary conditions and sources
  • .
  • Flexible time interval for writing restart files
  • .
  • Temperature-dependent thermal conductivity now available for purely thermal simulations
  • .
  • Initial moisture content can now also be entered in kg/kg
  • .
The complete change list (ChangeLog) can be found in the download directory.

09/10/2021 - DELPHIN 6.1.2 released

There is a new version of DELPHIN 6.1. Version 6.1.2 mainly brings changes in the material database selection dialogue and in the material editor.

  • Update of the material database
  • Material filtering according to simulation type (purely thermal or hygrothermal)
  • Search for materials via similarity to specified basic parameters such as density, thermal conductivity etc.
  • Display of remarks on the selected material
  • Advanced error checking for material data with display of possible problems from the data view
  • Dialogue for displaying and changing the current licence in the help menu
The complete change list (ChangeLog) can be found in the download directory.

Survey on the use of hygrothermal simulation software in practice

In order to make the evaluation of hygrothermal simulations even more reliable and user-friendly, we invite participation in the following survey:
Our aim is to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of the current methods and, if necessary, to provide new, practical methods also for damage assessment of mould, algae and frost. Thank you very much for your cooperation!

03/16/2021 - DELPHIN 6.1.1 released

There is a first new version of DELPHIN 6.1. Version 6.1.1 mainly brings bug fixes and some new features. These are for example:

  • Help file and improved functionality of the activation dialogue
  • Display of assigned contact conditions in the design view
  • Save and restore settings of the material database dialogue
  • Additions when adding rows and columns in the construction view (with selection dialogue)
  • Pipe model at boundary conditions now allows coupling of pipes in a project
The complete change list (ChangeLog) can be found in the download directory.

02/02/2021 - Therakles Pro 3.4 is available

A new version of Therakles Pro is available for download. This version includes many new features and improvements such as:

  • Construction database can now include keywords and annotations for each construction
  • New selection dialogue for constructions with filtering possibilities
  • Window database can contain details of manufacturer and product name (with filtering options)
  • Input and calculation of a simple structural shading for each window possible (overhang and side fins)
  • Report extensions:
    • Diagrams for air exchange
    • Description of user-defined shading with schedules
    • Tables for windows and materials used
    • Diagram and description for structural shading

07/28/2020 - DELPHIN 6.1 released

A new major version of DELPHIN 6 is now available (version 6.1). In contains quite a few larger extensions, like the built-in material editor, climate data import and preview features, support for FMI co-simulation, and many more smaller fixes and improvements. The change log and the presentation "What's new in DELPHIN 6.1" (see DELPHIN documentation webpage) show the new features in detail.

Since this is a major upgrade of the software, a new activation is necessary. After the installation of the software (ideally in a separate directory besides the existing installation), an activation request can be send with the same user data as in the previous activation request (at least user name and company), so that activation emails can be sent out quickly.

06/25/2020 - CCMEditor 1.0 and its manual is available

The small tool for importing, editing and converting of climate data, the CCM-Editor, is now in version 1.0 available for download. With this tool it is possible to create the climate data containers for DELPHIN, THERAKLES and NANDRAD in the c6b-format. Also, importing DELPHIN 5 ccd-files is possible, as is the conversion between horizontal and normal radiation loads. The functionality is described in detail in the CCMEditor-manual. The software can be downloaded from the download page, in section Utilities.

01/16/2020 - Therakles Pro Version 3.3 available

A new version of Therakles Pro is available for download. There were many enhancements like a new construction editor, a new material selection and a result overview in the main window. The DIN 4108-2 evaluation mode was also revised and extended. Among other things, options for passive cooling as well as for structural shading have been added. The help page now contains the documentation for the old (3.2.2) and the new version (3.3). More details about the improvements can be found in the ChangeLog.

07/05/2019 - PostProc 2 Version 2.1.1 available

A new PostProc 2 version is available for download. Among others, the evaluation models for mould (Isoplethen Model and VTT Model) and the wood damage model according to WTA 6.8 were implemented. More details about the improvements can be found in the ChangeLog.

06/13/2019 - MasterSim Update

A new MasterSim version is available.

05/17/2019 - PostProc 2 Update and first NANDRAD Release

A new PostProc 2 version is available for download (details about the improvements are in the ChangeLog).

For the first time our building energy performance simulation engine NANDRAD is now publically released, including documentation and examples.

02/01/2019 - New DELPHIN 6 Release

There is a new DELPHIN 6 version available (6.0.20) for download with many improvements and bug fixes (details are in the ChangeLog on the download page). The download page was improved to show supported application languages. A first version of the new IBK PostProzessing is available for download.

12/19/2018 - New COND Version - 2.3

New revision according current german standard DIN 4108-3 from 2018.

12/19/2018 - New THERAKLES Professional - 3.2.2

Now calulation according german standard DIN 4108-2 for thermal room climate simulations possible. Input and results can be printed in a report.

08/21/2017 - New Software Versions

New software versions are available on the download page (see changelog for details). THERAKLES will continue to be free of charge for version 3.1.8, subsequent versions require licensing. Also, all MacOS software versions were updated (compatibility to 10.7 retained).

05/30/2017 - New COND Version - 2.2.1

Show sd-values of selected materials. Button for edit project information added. Additional message in report in case of additional drying potential and no condensation.

05/29/2017 - New DELPHIN Version - 5.9.3

The version 5.9.3 contains many changes compared to the old version.
  • Modelling membranes as contact conditions (membrane database, smart vapor retarder, direction depending vapor retarder)
  • new dialogs for field conditions
  • two new field condition models (longwave radiation exchange with surrounding, directed air flow in materials)
  • font size adoption for use of high resolution monitors
  • all names and descriptions can handle special characters
  • 64Bit solver added (huge projects possible)
  • Many changes in postprocessing (wood damage model according WTA 6.8, many bugfixes)
  • bugfixes
Details about the validation setup and results can be found in the validation/benchmarks section.

03/08/2017 - New THERAKLES and CCM-Editor versions available

New software versions of THERAKLES and the CCM-Editor are available (see changelog for details).

02/17/2017 - New COND Version - 2.1.8

Bugfix for using of non capillary materials. New Qt library (version 5). Check for writing permission in user database.

01/12/2017 - New THERAKLES version available

A new software version of THERAKLES is available (see changelog for details).

07/26/2016 - New THERAKLES and NANDRAD Webpages

The THERAKLES and NANDRAD webpages have been updated and are currently being extended with new content. For both simulation programs new versions are available.

06/27/2016 - New COND Version - 2.1.7

Change of path for user material database now possible. Update material database. COND starts with empty project.

01/26/2016 - New COND Version - 2.1.6

Contains small bug fixes and new climate default for new projects (DIN 4108-2 2014).

01/05/2016 - New COND Version - 2.1.5

The latest update for the Windows version of COND contains only minor changes: A fix for changing of condensation and evaporation time and a further update of the material database.

09/17/2015 - New COND Version - 2.1.4

The newest version of COND 2.1.4 contains the following changes: The assesment of the construction can be done according DIN 4108-3 from 2001, DIN 4108-3 from 2014 or user defined (boundary conditions and time). It is possible to set a drying reserve according DIN 68800-2. The limit for non capillar conductive material is changed according DIN 4108-3 from 2014 to 0,5kg/m2h0.5. In material list time for production, measurement and/or sampling is added (if known). You can find detailed information on Download-Site in changelog.

08/12/2015 - New DELPHIN Version - 5.8.3

A new DELPHIN Version is available. The version 5.8.3 contains many changes compared to the old version.
  • new revised material selection dialog with easier selection and more informations
  • new dialogs with better display and evaluation of material properties
  • many new materials (currently around 350) with extended material data format
  • climate generator for indoor climate according DIN EN 13788
  • climate data for test reference year 2011 Germany (without rain)
  • possibility for creating of project packages in order to simplify the transmission of complete projects (including climate and material data)
  • documentation update
  • many bugfixes
Details about the validation setup and results can be found in the validation/benchmarks section.

03/23/2015 - New COND Version - 2.0.8

The newest version of COND 2.0.8 contains an advanced check in calculation for nonvalid results. It includes as well a new activation mechanism which creates a advanced hardware check for more robust activation checking. The check allows also to work with old activation codes. Some further changes has been implemented for test according DIN 4108-3. The check for 1kg/m2 for normal materials and for 0.5kg/m2 for non capillary materials was interchanged. At least a new import and export of user material database was added (for current version and version 1.9). For more detailled Informationen please read the changelog under Download.

10/10/2014 - New COND Version - 2.0.6

A new COND version is available from now. Beside bug fixes in calculation algorithm version 2.0.6 includes improved layout for air layer direction as well as an update of Mac version.

09/04/2014 - New DELPHIN Version - 5.6.9

A new DELPHIN version is available. In this last version of the 5.6 series, the validation examples were added to the provided example simulation projects. These test cases can be viewed and tested to check compliance of the DELPHIN simulation tool with all currently available validation test cases for hygrothermal simulations. Details about the validation setup and results can be found in the validation/benchmarks section.

Soon, the new DELPHIN 5.8 series will be available, with many new features and much enlarged material database.

12/08/2013 - COND 2 available

The new, completely renewed COND version is available. COND 2 has a much larger material database, an extended calculation algorithm and more details in the report.

06/01/2013 - New THERAKLES Version - 2.0.11

A new THERAKLES version with slightly modified user interface and tweaked solver parameters is available.

03/06/2013 - THERAKLES webpage updated

The THERAKLES webpage was updated, the tutorial and manual were uploaded and the new program version 2.0.10 is available for download.

07/02/2012 - New DELPHIN Version - 5.6.8

A new DELPHIN version is available (Download page), Changelog lists all changes/improvements. This is the last update of the 5.6.x series, before the upcoming new version 5.8.

05/04/2012 - Post-Processing Tutorial added

A DELPHIN tutorial was added describing the core functionality of the Post-Processing component (see DELPHIN-Documentation).
Note: Under Windows 7 fonts are scaled to 125% by default. This may cause some pages in the Post-Processing to be displayed incorrectly/incomplete. For correct functionality please set the font size option to 100% in the Windows 7 display settings.

07/26/2011 - New DELPHIN Version - 5.6.7

We have a new DELPHIN version, with fewer bugs and more features, see ChangeLog on Downloads page.

01/27/2010 - DELPHIN Tutorials updated

The DELPHIN Tutorials have been updated and the tutorial #2 has been added.

08/05/2009 - New Material Generator Release - 1.2

A new version of the DELPHIN Material Generator tool is available. It allows creation of material files including both vapor and liquid water transport characteristics. It is also the first program version to be distributed as multi-lingual tool.

02/26/2009 - New DELPHIN Version - 5.6.5

We have a new DELPHIN version, with fewer bugs and more features.

02/20/2009 - CXT Sim-Fit

The program for fitting parameters of tracer experiments and filter models is now available on the webpage. It is our first cross-platform Qt-based calculation tool.

11/24/2008 - German DELPHIN Release

There is now also a german version of DELPHIN available. It can be used alternatively to the english version with the same license keys.

9/5/2008 - New DELPHIN Release - 5.6.4

Many new features and some bug fixes = new DELPHIN version.

8/13/2008 - New DELPHIN Release - 5.6.3

A new DELPHIN update with several smaller improvements is available on the download page.

8/6/2008 - New COND Release - 1.8.1

A new COND update is available on the download page. With this new version the windows patch for the user32.dll problem is no longer necessary.

8/5/2008 - New DELPHIN Release - 5.6.2

A new DELPHIN update is available on the download page. A new external solver is included to avoid compatibility issues with modern quad-core processors. Also, with the new version the windows patch for the user32.dll problem is no longer necessary.

7/25/2008 - New Post-Processing Update - 1.1.6

A new update for the internal DELPHIN post-processing tool is available on the download page.

7/1/2008 - Launch of new Webpage

The new Bauklimatik-Dresden Webpage is now online.


Available Tools

COND is a software for the hygrothermal evaluation of building envelope constructions, which uses an analytical calculation method that considers the redistribution of internal condensate.

DELPHIN is a comprehensive numerical simulation tool for the combined heat, air, moisture, and matter (e.g. salt) transport in porous building materials.

THERAKLES is an easy-to-use simulation tool for predicting thermal comfort in summer and winter, and energy gains and losses for room spaces. It is a physically detailed model and has a powerful numeric solver engine for efficient calculation.

NANDRAD is a compuation kernel for building energy performance simulation (a multi-zone model), specialized on large massive buildings with many zones and detailed construction models (walls, floors, ceilings, ...).

MASTERSIM is a simulation master for coupled simulation of models encapsulated in Functional Mockup Units (FMU), and a program library with FMU import and simulation functionality.

POSTPROC 2 is a program for scientific analysis and visualization of simulation results and measurement data. It specializes in the handling of large time-dependent/dynamic data sets (e.g. from DELPHIN).



Downloadable content (programs, documentation, tutorials, additional data) can be found on the download webpage (also accessible from the top menu).


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