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Hygrothermal building software
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COND is a new, completely revised version of the old DOS-based software COND. The method of calculation in both programs are based on an algorithm developed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil P. Häupl.

The new COND was re-designed and re-written from scratch. Now it has a very efficient and user-friendly interface and an optimized and powerful calculation engine.

And yet this version of the COND software was initially only a result of a diploma thesis. Since then the program was continuously improved and extendet, mostly with respect to better user-friendlyness and usability of the program. Hereby, the development team strives to consider and quickly implement features requested by users. Resulting from these efforts many features and new functionality was added during the last years.


What is Cond?

COND is a software for the hygrothermal evaluation of constructions of building envelopes. The method of calculation takes the condensation inside the construction and hereby caused distribution of condensed water into account. Therefore, the evaluation of building envelopes will be closer to reality than it can be done by using the conventional vapour pressure scheme (Glaserscheme).

However, COND is not a simulation tool (in contrast to Delphin). It is not able to predict the real temperature and moisture fields in the construction. However, similar to the Glaserscheme it can provide estimates that are useful for evaluating the building envelope and its performance under given climatic conditions, and predicting moisture damage potentials.


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