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How COND came about...

The new COND is a newly developed version of the old DOS-based COND software written by Dr.-Ing. Peter Strangfeld. It builds upon the analytical algorithm of Prof. Peter Häupl. This algorithm was modified and adapted for the new COND.

The new version was written by Andreas Nicolai (in his diploma thesis) in 2002 using modern technology (C++ language, utilizing the Borland-VCL user interface library). Since this first new version of COND from October 2002 it has been jointly developed and maintained by the Author Andreas Nicolai, Heiko Fechner and Ulrich Ruisinger.

Development and Support Team

Dipl.-Ing. Heiko Fechner

Heiko maintains COND since its first version from 2002 and, as developer, worked on most extensions and improvements in the new COND and also implemented lots of feature requests by customers.

Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Ruisinger

Also in the team since the first version of COND, Uli is responsible for customer and user support (he's the friendly young man answering the telephone).

Andreas Nicolai (PhD)

Project manager and developer, mainly responsible for coordination of the COND development. Andreas also takes care of web design and content, as well as the COND training.


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